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Is there Camping on the Lake?
 There is no Camping on Lake Lillinonah.

Is there a place to fuel my boat?
West Cove Marina
New Milford, CT

What is the current water level? 
You can obtian the current water level by calling. 
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Where are the public put-ins for the lake? 
The Public launch is  located at the route 133 bridge in Brookfield. 

Are there any fees to use the lake? 
There are no fees to use the lake. 

What is the size of the lake? 
The is 1547 acres streaching from Southbury to New Milford

What are the boating rules for the lake?
Regulations: Vessels are prohibited from approaching within 300 feet on upstream side or 1,500 feet on downstream side of Shepaug Dam. Vessels are prohibited from approaching within 300 feet downstream of the Bleachery Dam. 45 mph limit daytime, 25 mph from ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise. 
Launch: On north shore of lake on east side of Rte. 133. Parking: 50 cars