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Be First To Know About Changing Water Levels and Chemical Treatments
First Light Power  routinely changes the water level in order to generate power and to respond to heavy water flows caused by rain or snow melt-off.  It is important for lakeside residents and boaters to be aware of unusually high or low water conditions for personal safety and protection of property.  

As a service to the public, Lake Lillinonah Authority has established and finances a “Lake Alert” automated voice mail system to provide lakeside residents and boaters with timely notice of changing lake levels and locations and dates of chemical treatments.  First Light Power uses this Lake Alert system to distribute an advisory message whenever the lake level will be higher or lower than normal range. 
In order to receive these special phone messages, LLA needs your phone number(s). 

All information will be kept in confidence and will be used only for the Lake Alert system and LLA communications directly to you. 

You can call to find out the current recorded lake level by calling 888-417-4837, then selecting menu item 2, and selecting menu item 2 again. 
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Lake Alert Text Messages
Text messages are no longer available for use. Please use the standard phone alert signup (above) to receive recorded phone messages regarding changes to the lake level.
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