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by LLA Board on 06/20/22

Lake Lillinonah is to be treated for invasive weeds on Friday June 24, 2022 using the product, Tribune. 


Treatment areas include:

·         Barkwood Cove in Brookfield;

·         The shoreline along Lake Lillinonah Road South in Bridgewater;

·         The shoreline along Hanover Road in Newtown. 


The following water use restrictions are to be followed for those within the treatment zones: 

·         Do not irrigate with lake water until June 27th;

·         Do not drink lake water until June 27th;

·         Do not water livestock with lake water until June 25th;

·         There are no restrictions for swimming or boating. 


If you have further questions, please contact Solitude Lake Management at (508) 865-1000.

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Lillinonah Lake Authority

The Lake Lillinonah Authority phone number is an unmonitored phone. Those in need of emergency services while on the lake should call either 911 or the CT DEEP. 
If you need non-emergency help, call 911 and ask to be transferred to the Lake Authority at Brookfield Dispatch.
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